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Providing business education to children, and young adults.

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"The sooner a young person starts to train their mind to think entrepreneurially, to embrace their unique talents and gifts, to think about budgeting and planning, to look for business opportunities, the more successful they will be in life."

by: Joseph Conrad, CEO & Venture Capitalist

Latest News: Youngpreneur's Entrepreneurship Course named most innovative in America.

Vision & Mission
Making a Better World through Entrepreneurship

In 1999, Youngpreneur was established through a collaboration of parents, educators, and entrepreneurs to make a positive difference in the way kids think about their future. Youngpreneur developed a youth-friendly experiential approach to learning business through interactive team projects, role playing, online learning, and instructor led discussions. Through this collaboration, an innovative business education program was created for students in grades K-12.

Originally Youngpreneur was only offered privately through home-based programs. The demand for our program increased dramatically over the next 8-years. On December 1st, 2007 the Youngpreneur Board of Directors voted to expand programs and offer services within the school curricular, extra-curricular, and enrichment programming.

Since, offering our program within public and private schools, Youngpreneur has garnered numerous regional and national awards. Our unique student-centered experiential learning model is consistently recognized as one of the most innovative teaching methodologies in the United States. It is designed to empower students to identify and utilize their personal talents and skills, while fostering intrinsic motivation to identify problems, solutions, and opportunities.

All program students discover the joys of entrepreneurship, the imagination and thrill involved in creating a product or service, and excitement of having their peers show interest in their work. Not all our students become entrepreneurs, but all students in our program develop important critical-thinking and decision-making skills that will be utilized in whatever endeavor they pursue in life. Come see why at Youngpreneur, we are “Making the World a Better Place”.

Our Mission

To empower and prepare young people for success: to inspire student's to embrace their unique talents and skills; to foster self-discovery, to implore students to think outside of the box, and to facilitate student creativity using the entrepreneurial canvas.

Our Philosophy

By infusing the spirit of innovation into our programs, Youngpreneur educates students to think entrepreneurial, to seek solutions to problems, to adapt and persevere despite temporary failure. Beyond teaching business, we teach the value of business ethics, the need for character, and challenge students to better the world. Moreover, Youngpreneur continues to be recognized for its curricular reform.

  • Youngpreneur’s groundbreaking elementary school curriculum has garnered an innovation award from Future Entrepreneur and Business Leaders of America for taking “bold steps to reshape elementary and middle school education.”
  • Youngpreneur Academy received the Jack Welch Leadership Award for its “Exceptional Leadership Program for Young Adults.”
  • Youngpreneur’s flagship course, Foundations of Entrepreneurship, was recognized by the American Business Education Journal as having the most innovative entrepreneurship education course in the country.
  • U.S. Education Review ranks Youngpreneur’s BE program #1 in entrepreneurship for the 3rd straight year.
  • Youngpreneur's Entrepreneurial Leadership Program (YELP) has been ranked among the top entrepreneurship and business education programs for young adults worldwide by both the InnovaUSA and North America Academic Journal (NAAJ).

Our students consistently succeed in and outside the classroom; this is a testament to: our philosophy, methodology, and quality programming.

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