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"Most Americans, when asked, say they want their children to know more than they do, and are appalled by the prospect that the next generation will know less. Yet so long as today's profesional norms and beliefs hold sway, so long as they shape what actually occurs in the classroom, that is precisely the future that awaits our children."

by: Chester E. Finn, Jr., former United States Assistant Secretary of Education

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At Youngpreneur, we believe that entrepreneurship education can inspire at-risk students to develop life goals.

Did you know the alarming rate of children drop out of school? Every 29 seconds an American youth will drop out of high school. This crisis is more than eye opening as 7,000 young people per day or 1.2 million each year make this decision. Children at this age feel frustrated with a system that has failed them. The value of education has changed among this young generation. In the United States, only one-third of all high school students will receive their diploma. Of these, nearly half of all African American and Latino youth, do not graduate. The individual and societal effects of this crisis are staggering: over their lifetimes, on average, high school graduates earn $300,000 more than drop-outs. College graduates earn an additional $1 million.

What have we learned from these statistics? More than 80% of young drop outs admitted that they would not have dropped out if school were more relevant to real life. Youngpreneur's programs engage students through interactive activities and class material students find relevant in their daily lives. When students find the material is relevant it positively affects the per capita student drop out rate. Many after school programs keep kids busy but not all of them keep a child's attention. We show students why math, writing, reading and research skills are vital. Youngpreneur's learn by doing method uses a hands-on approach that incorporates all of these skills into the development of an original business plan. More than teaching kids how to be successful is giving them the skills to do it and solve problems. This then translates into the importance of graduating high school in a different, positive way.

When we asked one of our program directors why she chose Youngpreneur program she then said "If we can change the couse for just one student to be more sucessful then we have made a difference to better their future".

Children who participate in Youngprenur programs are more apt to stay focused in school, have greater aspirations, and find time to use their creativity.

Numerous students have expressed their strong willingness to organize and work towards goals in their future. There was also an increase in interest in attending college. Our programs help to foster the creation of small businesses and the development of a business-savvy student that will ultimately promote America’s long-term economic stability.

At a moment of both educational crisis and economic uncertainty, Youngpreneur provides a solution. Our nation’s top leaders and thinkers have acknowledged the relevance and importance of entrepreneurship as an educational and economic remedy, making the need for Youngpreneur youth entrepreneurship programs more evident than ever.


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All programs are taught by certified Youngpreneur instructors who specialize in a specific business field. Our facilitator program are taught by regular school teachers with support of our staff and faculty.

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Our curricular programs are tailored to meet or exceed the frameworks and standards of all 50 states in America, all courses tie back to core math and literacy skills.

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