Business Camps inspire teens to innovate.

Youngpreneur, prepares children for the challenges of tomorrow with business education today.  We provide comprehensive business education services for students grades K-12.


A Tradition of Empowering Youth

To Better the World through Entrepreneurship


Providing business education to children, and young adults.

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"In just a few short weeks, Youngpreneur's highly academic and experiential program can change a young person's life."

by: Kent Leung, Youngpreneur Director

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Business Camps

Youngpreneur business camps are offered to students in grades K-12. Our entrepreneurship camp for teens are one of the most successful business education camps in the World. In fact, 93.5% of the business ventures,  camp graduates create after completing our intensive business camps generate a positive cash flow within 3-6 months.


We offer 3 types of camps: Entrepreneurship Camp  |  Leadership Camp |  Financial Literacy Camp

A Collaborative Community
Surround yourself with an incredibly talented group of peers, then see what students accomplish together. At Youngpreneur,  students and faculty join a collaborative community.

With hundreds of activities, from conferences to entrepreneurship opportunities to volunteer work – our community draws its energy from the unique contributions and collaborations among each year’s students. At Youngpreneur,  you can be part of an invigorating cultural and intellectual exchange among students, alumni, and professors from all walks of life.

Our programs are unique and highly effective for many reasons:

  • We use an experiential approach that integrates theory and practice. Through a hand-on-approach, we turn complicated financial concepts and ideas into understandable pieces of information. Our methodology includes a combination of lectures, role-playing, class discussions, field trips to businesses, and many fun activities. We can promise Youngpreneur campers are never bored and most likely do not want the camp to end. Your child will leave the program with the knowledge necessary for business success and develop practical skills for all life's endeavors.

  • We believe each child possess unique talents and gifts that need to be nurtured. Through our camp, we empower campers to use these intrinsic abilities to create innovate ideas and remarkable products/services for the betterment of the World. Children leave our camp with confidence and knowledge that they are in charge of their life and feel empowered to organize small business ideas.

  • We instill the values of personal money-management utilizes the time-tested wealth creation principles. Each student begins to understand the principles of creating and maintaining multiple streams of income.

  • money camp 2006We teach students to see opportunities where others see problems. Each camper begins to see the World through a lens of possibility. Utilizing team-based learning approach popularized at Babson College (most successful entrepreneurship college in America) students improve communication skills, develop teamwork, and demonstrate leadership ability.

  • We help our campers understand that entrepreneurship is a tool to creating social good. Each camper leaves with the understanding that entrepreneurs drive innovation, create jobs, and make the world a better place.

My son, Robert attended the Youngpreneur Entrepreneurship & Innovation Camp in 2010. Since, this summer he has successfully launched an online marketing and flyer delivery company using iWeb on his Macbook. I can confidently say that he learned all these skills and developed motivation from attending your camp. I believe the most valuable lesson that he learned is that opportunity exist in every environment. This year Robert will be attending your camp, but this time using his own money he generated from his business.

~ Samantha (mom from Denver, CO)

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Embrace your Inner Entrepreneur

Youngpreneur students understand that entrepreneurs: Drive Innovation, Change People's Lives, Create Jobs, Fuel Growth, and Make the World a Better Place.