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"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible."

by: Arthur C. Clark, Author, Inventor, & Futurist

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Entrepreneurship Camp for Teens

This exciting camp gives middle and high school students an in-depth look at business ownership. In fact, 93.5% of the business ventures our camp graduates create after completing our intensive business camp generate a positive cash flow within 3-6 months.

This is a unique opportunity that gives campers a first-hand experience on starting and managing their own business. Campers can choose to run a mock business venture or choose to run a real-life business. Most student start by running a mock business, but after completing our program many students go on to start a real business. Each camper will develop a real working business plan, business model, stationary including business cards, and marketing plans.

Why join a Youngpreneur camp?
Our campers succeed. Youngpreneur campers have created the most successful real-life business per capita after completion of our intensive entrepreneurship camp. We are proud of this accomplishment with 93.5% of campers who start business ventures generating a positive cash flow upon 3-6 months of starting their entrepreneurial venture.

Why is Youngpreneur successful?
It starts with exceptional and caring staff with extensive business expertise and solid foundation in time-tested business acumen. We believe campers learn best by example, this is why we only hire successful entrepreneurs; many of which are multi-millionaires. This gives students the unique opportunity to learn from instructors with real-life business success.

Campers have Fun!
Youngpreneur campers enjoy interactive group activities, role-playing excercises, contemporary technology, case studies, games, business competitions, and guest speakers. Best of all campers also have the opportunity to compete for venture capital through our Youngpreneur Business Challenge.

What will every Youngpreneur Camper Learn?
Youngpreneur campers will develop and improve skills in problem solving, leadership, negotiation, sales, customer service, networking, public speaking, teamwork, and time management. Using an innovative experiential approach, this camp empowers students to embrace their uique talents and skills to see the world through the lens of possibility. This mindset is useful in all life's endeavours.

Every Youngpreneur Business student will learn how to:

  • entrepreneurship camp for teensDiscover their unique talents, gifts, and passion
  • Recognize money-making opportunity
  • Determine start-up costs and operating expenses
  • Write a real business plan and business model
  • Create an effective markting plan
  • Design marketing materials (print, online, video)
  • Create and effectively deliver a presentation
  • Start and manage their own business
  • Embrace life through the lens of possibility

Every Youngpreneur Business camper receives:

  • Youngpreneur Start It Up Student's Workbook
  • Access to an exclusive campers business website
  • Personal portfolio (planner) with pen & calculator
  • Their own personal business website
  • Materials to create business cards
  • Complimentary subscription to Youngpreneur Magazine
  • Youngpreneur T-shirt
  • Graduation certificate

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