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"Watch your actions; they become your habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character for it will become your destiny"

by: Charles Reade, English novelist

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An Experiential Student-Centered Learning Approach

At Youngpreneur, we believe children learn best when they are active participants in the learning process. For this reason, we utilize a child-centered constructivist “learn-by-doing” approach to teaching and learning. According to the constructivist approach to teaching and learning, “the underlying premise is that students learn through active construction of their own knowledge rather than by memorizing by oral presentations by their teachers (Hanley, 1994).”

Youngpreneur classes facilitate students’ active construction of their own knowledge through:

  • Introduce a concept, discuss with independent & group activities
  • Interactive web tutorials
  • Project Based Learning - Example: create a product, develop marketing materials
  • Research-based learning – research businesses, products, services, and industries
  • Experience-based learning – in-class positions, start a business, develop a website
  • Self-discovery learning. Draw on your own experiences as a consumer. Analyze perspectives of a stakeholder: customer, worker,supplier, and business
  • Various videos, online podcast, and webisodes

We design each class to provide each student the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Students demonstrate their understanding of class material through active projects from designing their own business plan, implementing effective marketing strategy, developing eye-catching print and video advertisement, PowerPoint business presentation to their peers, and teachers. Youngpreneur’s curriculum examines real-life situations.  Daily problems are seen as opportunities for the entrepreneurial student.  This active process stimulates the critical thinking required in everyday life and helps to develop a positive attitude.

Youngpreneur students’ consistently succeed in and outside the classroom; this is a testament to our philosophy, methodology, and quality programming. Students illustrate their grasp of principles and concepts through the quality of their projects, presentations, and oral explanations.

Youngpreneur utilizes a constructivist approach, most commonly used in top ivy-league universities, we provide each student with not only the knowledge, but also skills they need for this ever-changing world.

Compass Technique

Youngpreneur integrative teaching methodology combines an experiential and differentiated teaching model. Students learn through active participation in exercises and projects that nurture a natural self-discovery process.  All classes integrate core competencies, exceptionally high-academic standards, and key business disciplines, and into foundation, intermediate, and advanced level courses. The competencies are academic and practical; quantitative analysis; entrepreneurial and innovative thinking; ethics and social responsibility; and leadership and teamwork; and critical and integrative thinking. New students participate in Introductory and Foundations classes.  These specialized classes help to provide a solid grasp of the basic concepts of a particular business discipline.

Our Philosophy

By infusing the spirit of innovation into our programs, Youngpreneur educates students to think entrepreneurial, to seek solutions to problems, to adapt and persevere despite temporary failure. Beyond teaching business, we teach the value of business ethics, the need for character, and dare our students to better the world. Moreover, Youngpreneur continues to be recognized for its curricular reform.

  • Youngpreneur’s groundbreaking elementary school curriculum has garnered an innovation award from Future Entrepreneur and Business Leaders of America for taking “bold steps to reshape elementary and middle school education.”
  • Youngpreneur Academy received the Jack Welch Leadership Award for its “Exceptional Leadership Program for Young Adults.”
  • Youngpreneur’s flagship course, Foundations of Entrepreneurship, was recognized by the American Business Education Journal as having the most innovative entrepreneurship education course in the country.
  • U.S. Education Review ranks Youngpreneur’s BE program #1 in entrepreneurship for the 3rd straight year.
  • Youngpreneur's Entrepreneurial Leadership Program (YELP) has been ranked among the top entrepreneurship and business education programs for young adults worldwide by both the InnovaUSa and North America Academic Journal (NAAJ).

Our students consistently succeed in and outside the classroom; this is a testament to: our philosophy, methodology, and quality programming.

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