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"The ability to concentrate and to use your time well is everything if you want to succeed in business--or almost anywhere else for that matter."

by: Lee Iacocca, Named 18th Greatest CEO of all time, former Chrystler CEO

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Money Smart Camp for Teens

This exicting camp prepares teens for a life of successful financial management. Campers learn essential lessons in personal finance, saving habits, and investment principles. At Youngpreneur, we endeavour to make money smart teens who are financially wise. Our campers learn skills to properly budget, avoid debt, create passive income through investment, and build a positive relationship with various banking institutions.

Why Improve Financial Literacy?
The current economic crisis, has many parents concerned about their children's financial future. Although there no financial guarantees in this world, parents have the unique opportunity to give their children a push in the right direction. Parents can provide financial guidance and education while there children are still young. Through building a foundation in financial management they enable their children to develop core habits to live a successful life.

What do Campers Learn?
This camp focuses on the benefits of saving and investing. Campers learn about investing by learning how to read The Wall Street Journal and other investment-related periodicals. Our students research potential investments, why learning of the pros and cons of a conservative or more agressive investment strategy. Through the stock market game campers learn how successful their investment strategy would be in real-time.

Money Smart campers enjoy role-playing games, group discussion, field trips, games, interactive activities and guest speakers. Best of all campers can compete in the Youngpreneur Portfolio Challenge, where they form a team with peers to create and present financial portfolios to a panel of finance experts. Campers even have the opportunity to wins prizes. Successful completion of the Money Smart Camp instills practical lifeskills to handle money, save, and invest; campers will be able to utilize these skills in all life's endeavours.

Every Money Smart student will learn how to:

  • Smart Start to MoneyImprove their financial literacy
  • Understand the value of saving and investing
  • Generate passive income through investing
  • Create short-term and long-term goals
  • Identify advantegs to different investment strategies
  • Research potential investments
  • Learn The Wall Street Journal stock tables
  • Diversify and balance a financial portfolio
  • Understand the problems of debt
  • Open a savings or checking account
  • Create a personal budget

Every Money Smart camper receives:

  • Youngpreneur Financial Literacy Guidebook
  • Access to an exclusive website for campers
  • Free issues of various financial periodicals including The Wall Street Journal
  • Financial organizer, calculator, highlighter and pen
  • Complimentary issues of Youngpreneur Magazine
  • Youngpreneur T-shirt
  • Graduation certificate

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