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"What I know for sure is that behind every catastrophe, there are great lessons to be learned. "

by: Oprah Winfrey, TV Host & Entrepreneur

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Newman School
A private high school in Boston, Ma

At Newman, high school students are hard at work on a Tuesday afternoon: developing business plans, engaging in profit projections, analyzing potential competition, conducting market research, evaluating distribution channels, and so much more. In a given class students are developing products or services for online businesses and brick-an-mortar businesses.

The two largest teams of the Newman business class consist of two online businesses. One team chose the business name Edyoucated, and with the assistance of Youngpreneur we purchased the domain name rights to

Team Edyoucated is focused on the niche market of private school reviews for K-12 schools in New England. When students were asked what value (value propositions) they were providing to their potenial customers they explained that will be a easy to use and objective education review site. Unlike their major competitors and the Edyoucated site will allow parents to make school to school comparisons based on: tuition price, teacher-student ratio, location, class size, after-school care, enrichment programming, teacher qualifications, test scores, percentage that attend college, and percentage that attend ivy league colleges. There competitors do not allow school to school comparison especially at such a comprehensive degree. In addition, will allow current students and allumni to comment on their experiences, and parents receive complimentary tailored articles and advice on choosing the right school based on their unique needs from admission profesionals

The other popular business team at Newman is Team ForeverTalent, an online talent agency focused on developing and managing talent for young adults age 14-21. One of the strongest value propositions ForeverTalent offers is based on newness(fresh ideas to utializing talent )and customization. As one team member annouces, "We are providing for an existing demand with very little competition. In Hollywood you have agents representing big name stars, we at ForeverTalent have the opportunity to represent the future of the talent industry. ForeverTalent will be managing and nurturing our client's talent with the hopes that some clients will be the future of the talent (big name talent and movie stars of the future)". One of the biggest advantages of ForeverTalent is that it focuses on an undercapitlized niche that possess BIG POTENIAL. This group has analyized that there will be a new demand for talent services as movies continue to roll into the Boston area, hoping to attract thier next big star.

Youngpreneur offered permission to Team ForeverTalent to use their domain name We are firm believers that creativity must be nurtured, creativity and innovation are boundless. ForeverTalent plans to begin surveying business owners on the types of talent they would be interested in hiring. Based on initial analysis ForeverTalent is planning to focus on photography, music, art, and dance as they key categories of talent recruitment.

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