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Youngpreneur students attend the best schools, receive executive employments, and consistently succeed in business.


A Tradition of Empowering Youth

To Better the World through Entrepreneurship


Providing business education to children, and young adults.

What They Say
Listen to parents, educators, and our staff


"Hope for a promising future is not born from pessimism, it is born from the ashes of out-dated world views. We must accept the new social paradigm that children and young adults are the future of innovation. "

by: Kent Leung, Scholastic Director, Youngpreneur

Latest News: Newman School of Boston students founded Edyoucated, an online education review site.

What Makes Us Different
A proven track record of student excellence.

Youngpreneur is unique; our programs continue to be distinguished through an integrated approach of combining theory and practice. We move beyond old rhetoric ways of teaching in the classroom.  We guide students with the necessary technology to be successful and remarkable. We inspire students to create extra-ordinary businesses by utilizing their collective experiences and newly learned business acumen gained through participation in our program.

When you pursue a Youngpreneur education, you will transform yourself. You will gain real-world knowledge within an invigorating, rigorous, collaborative environment. Students grasp new ways to think about problems, and then solve them.

Learn from the Best

Classes have been taught by an exemplary faculty of successful entrepreneurs, many of which are multimillionaires, their practical experience is combined with their strong grasp of business acumen. Structured like many top business schools, there are frequent guest speakers who teach specific portions of our classes based on their area of expertise. For example, an experienced CPA would teach a class on basic accounting. During part of the class, there is a focus on Internet marketing and would be taught by a "social media guru", who knows the precise ins and outs of developing an online presence and brand awareness.

Our Impact

When students participate, in programs they become the catalyst for a better world. They learn to embrace their passions by applying them to time-tested business theories and an innovative experiential approach to learning business.

Our students see opportunities where others see empty buildings; they see potential where others see problems. They understand that entrepreneurs drive innovation, create jobs, and make the world a better place.

At Youngpreneur, we refute the antiquated perspective that kids are too young to learn business, that business is too complex for children and young adults. We show that with developments in technology such as advances in social media and the Internet.  Business nowadays is a revolutionary game-changing tool, that age is not a discriminating factor.

Youngpreneur set the new paradigm for what it means to be entrepreneurs.


Embrace your Inner Entrepreneur

Youngpreneur students understand that entrepreneurs: Drive Innovation, Change People's Lives, Create Jobs, Fuel Growth, and Make the World a Better Place.