Why we do it

We believe that entrepreneurs drive innovation, create jobs, and make the world a better place. Teaching children to think about the future is our small way of making a difference.


A Tradition of Empowering Youth

To Better the World through Entrepreneurship


Providing business education to children, and young adults.

What They Say
Listen to parents, educators, and our staff


"I was able to see what I wanted to do, I could see the opportunity, even when others could not, and I stay committed to doing it and doing it well, no matter what. "

by: Magic Johnson, Basketball Star & Successful Entrepreneur

Latest News: Newman School of Boston students founded Edyoucated, an online education review site.

Why we do it
To Empower Students to Better the World

“The most important thing you can do is live a meaningful life, and being of services to others is one of the greatest ways to make life meaningful” Desmond Tutu

At Youngpreneur, we endeavor to make the world a better place, by inspiring youth to become social entrepreneurs, agents of change. Entrepreneurship is the tool used to create social good. Our programs teach students to seek and create opportunities in the spirit of entrepreneurship. Students are taught the knowledge gained from the study of business and entrepreneurship is only a means to an end; the end being social good.

We prepare students to build a better world while building better businesses. Business education is important. Teaching young people business is one of the most effective ways to develop life skills and core competencies in all life's endeavors.


We stand by our conviction that young people can Make the World a Better Place... this positive impact is guided by our core values:

  • Dedication to preparing young people to succeed in a global economy
  • Endeavour to harness the collective power of young minds to better the world
  • Commitment in teaching students the need for: honesty, integrity, and excellence
  • Empowering students to utilize their unique talents, passions, and skill-sets
  • Belief in young people and their ability to better the world
  • Conviction in the educational value of hands-on learning
  • Embrace your Inner Entrepreneur

    Youngpreneur students understand that entrepreneurs: Drive Innovation, Change People's Lives, Create Jobs, Fuel Growth, and Make the World a Better Place.

    This video illustrates our perspective on entrepreneurship education for: children, adolescents, and young adults.


    Featured Schools
    Every quarter we feature different schools in our program.

    In this section we review different Youngpreneur programs; the projects, products, and services they create. We explore the insights of the students, the real-life experiences they gain, and the lessons they learn in the process.


    Newman School of Boston
    Students are developing a variety of products and services. One group is developing a one-of-a-kind education review site for parents that allows school to school direct comparison.

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    Prospect Hill Academy (PHA)
    At PHA, middle school students are hard at work brainstorming viable business ideas. These ideas include a flier delivery service, stylish clothing, and costume jewlery.

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    Excelsior Learning Center (ELC)
    At ELC, a middle school and high school program is offered. Both programs focus on improving financial literacy through the Money Smart program and business modeling.

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